Why Use PCS for Your Next Delivery?

Professional Courier Services provides you with friendly, professional, timely handling of your most critical errands for over thirty-five years.



PCS provides service to city, county, state and federal courts, as well as other offices throughout Michigan.  Trained professionals wait for your documents, will call you with confirmation of filing and return any documents coming from the court.  We have notary couriers to notarize signatures and experienced couriers to complete court proof of service documents.


• Court filings

• Deeds Recorded

• Court exhibits transferred

• Notary Service




Couriers are OSHA trained, HIPAA compliant & TSA certified.  Specimen handling, medication transportation, blood handling , whether it’s daily lab deliveries or on demand emergency deliveries, PCS offers exceptional courier services and delivery services to the medical profession.


• Specimen pickup

• Optical Labs

• Dental Labs

• Pharmacy pickup

• Hospital delivery




PCS offers daily, weekly and rush delivery services using fast, reliable and professional messengers.  From an envelope to a van full of items PCS will meet your schedule and handle your items with care, confidentiality and professionalism.  Whether it’s documents to sign, payrolls to deliver , samples to get to a client or trade show items to get to location, PCS will accommodate your time line.


• Advertising agencies

• Architectural firms

• Accounting firms

• Marketing agencies

• Real Estate agencies

• Interior Design companies

• Engineering firms

• Banking Services




Whether you need scheduled interoffice mail exchanges, daily post office mail or a hot shot delivery service, PCS is always available to assist in meeting your courier and delivery needs.  We have TSA trained couriers that are experienced in airport pickups and deliveries.


• Multi Site Companies

• Automobile parts services

• Printing facilities


When your deadline is non-negotiable, Professional Courier Services provides fast delivery that you can count on. Your specific needs vary which is why we are flexible with our express delivery services. We offer expedited same-day delivery, scheduled professional courier services, and overnight delivery. We specialize in catering to your needs. You tell us when to pick up and deliver packages, not the other way around.

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