Courier Services – 6 Ways They Save Your Business Money


Courier Services – 6 Ways They Save Your Business Money


You may have heard of a courier service in the past and maybe you’ve looked into one at one time or another. In this blog, we are going to unpack 6 ways a courier service will save your business money and why you should hire one today.


What is a Courier?

A Courier is a private delivery business that provides same-day delivery services which can include personalized routed deliveries daily or weekly of interoffice mail, USPS mail, legal and confidential documents. In addition, Couriers deliver sensitive materials which could include human specimens, labs, medical equipment, aviation parts, and many other critical and sensitive products or goods.


When to Use a Courier

An attorney needs a document delivered to the court within the hour. A manufacturer needs a product rushed to a customer today. A health care facility needs a collection of medical labs taken to a nearby lab ASAP. The time to use a courier is when you need someone to deliver something quickly to or from your location. While couriers can deliver anywhere in the world, many couriers focus on local deliveries. Of course, in local delivery, it is easy to think “I could pick that up myself,” or “I’d save money by having my own employees deliver.” So, when it is better to use a courier? When having someone else deliver lets you focus on more important tasks in your life or business.

Do you or your employees spend a lot of time making deliveries or picking up things for your business? With traffic and having to wait in line, your employees may take longer doing these tasks than you realize. Hiring a courier may be a way to save money and time. While each company offers different services, most couriers:

Have regularly scheduled routes that work for many businesses

Can individualize a route or service to suit your needs

Offer errand scheduling for infrequent delivery needs


Here are a few examples of how Professional Courier Services can ease the operational tension on your business:

Same day delivery

Making bank deposits

Delivering or picking up office supplies

Distributing parts or manufactured goods

Delivering payroll

Delivering legal documents

Picking up lab and specimen deposits

Distributing medical or pharmaceutical supplies

Bringing supplies from a distributor

Delivering packages to be mailed out

Delivering packages to the airport for the next flight out

Delivering on holidays, weekends or after hours

Delivering perishable goods

#1 – A Courier Service Saves You Money

When something needs to be delivered in a company, the first reaction is often to find someone in the company to make the delivery. Using a courier could be more advantageous from a cost perspective rather than sending someone in-house. In order to determine the cost, here should be the areas of focus for determining the cost.

The cost of your employee (salary/hourly and the time they spend making the delivery)

Fuel for a vehicle, including the insurance, maintenance, and upkeep

Route optimization (ensuring your employee is making the delivery the most efficient way possible)


#2 – Available When You Need Us

A lot of times, businesses need things delivered outside of normal business hours. With a courier, we can make deliveries when you need it, which include nights and weekends. This unique availability can allow your business to operate more efficiently, providing you with more time to move products and goods outside of the normal 9-5 workday. 


#3 – A Courier Can Do Rush Deliveries

Industries like pharmaceutical and medical often have goods that are sensitive and need to be moved immediately. A rush delivery service sometimes isn’t needed every day, but having one on speed dial is customer-centric and provides your business with an outlet to move something fast. 


#4 – Keep Your Employees at Work and Not in Traffic 

Your employees are trained and paid to be at work and having them sit in traffic is not their expertise or a good use of their time. This increasingly becomes an issue if the employee gets caught in traffic and the delivery takes significantly more time than anticipated. For hourly employees, this could cause them to go into overtime or work longer than their regularly scheduled shift.


#5 – Save Fuel, Maintenance Costs, and Mileage Reimbursements

Outside of employee labor costs, there are several other costs that factor into the gross cost of sending your employee to do a delivery. Those costs include but are not limited to the fuel for a vehicle or your employee’s vehicle, oil changes and miscellaneous maintenance costs, and of course, any expense reports that include reported mileage from an employee. These costs can be quite subnational and add up quickly, where it’s more cost-effective to hire a courier.  


#6 – Time Is Money – Less Time Equals a Happier Customer

The speed of delivery is important. Especially when it’s a time-sensitive product. Impressing your customers or affiliated businesses with fast movement of products or goods Is a win for everyone. In addition, this creates a higher standard of care for the delivery expectation and makes your business shine. 

At Professional Courier Services, we’re focused on providing a seamless delivery experience to optimize the speed of your delivery and make the best use of your dollar. PCS has been providing courier solutions for businesses across the state of Michigan for the last 40+ years. We are highly experienced in all areas of rush, sensitive, medical, legal, and routed deliveries. Time is of the essence at PCS and we will work efficiently to move your products and goods. Reach out to our dispatch team today to learn how we can save your business time and money by using one of our highly qualified couriers.

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