What is White Glove Delivery?

White Is White Glove Delivery?


You’ve likely heard the term White Glove in terms of selecting delivery options for something at your home. Essentially, White Glove is a term used in the logistics industry to identify a type of service on a specific delivery.


White Glove is a service in which a courier will not only deliver a product to a customer, but they will unbox the product and set it up for you, also. In addition to this, the courier will take any packaging with them and dispose of it for you. 


PCS has managed deliveries of furniture which include optical eyeglass display cases. In deliveries like these, a pickup the display case is required (usually at a local warehouse that it was shipped to) , then our team takes the case to its final destination. Once it arrives, we carefully unbox the display case, then set it up according to the directions of the manufacturer. This process and White Glove in general can be very beneficial for the customer, especially if the end destination doesn’t have the necessary tools to complete a final setup of the unit.


At Professional Courier Services, we offer White Glove delivery to businesses across the state of Michigan. Our expert couriers provide a complete A to Z delivery process that will set your business apart. To learn more about White Glove and to get a quote on a delivery of your choosing, reach out to our dispatch team today and experience the difference that professional Courier Services offers.



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