5 Essential Qualities to Consider When Choosing a Medical Courier Service

5 Essential Qualities to Consider When Choosing a Medical Courier Service


Medical couriers are delivery companies that specialize in the transport of medical supplies, labs, and equipment. Many courier companies offer services to a wide-range of industries, but it’s important to know that not all couriers have in-depth training and experience in transporting some of the most sensitive packages they will ever touch. At Professional Courier Services, we have put together a list of 5 qualities that we believe should be paramount when deciding who to use to move your medical supplies, labs, and equipment.


1)    Integrity

Integrity is listed as number one for a reason. When it comes to moving sensitive medical components, it’s very important to vet a courier service and ensure they have not only your best interest in mind, but at the same time, they treat your products with the same level of respect – always. At PCS, it’s common for us to move medical supplies each day which can include labs and medical equipment. In addition to these items, it’s also common for PCS to move human specimens to labs across the State of Michigan. This is where Integrity is demanded. We recognize that these types of deliveries are not standard delivery like documents and products – they’re very delicate and sensitive human specimens that require tender and respectful care. All of our drivers are trained heavily on the sensitivity of these deliveries, and we take great pride in practicing great integrity when transporting these types of deliveries.


2)    Confidentiality

Confidentiality is important across all deliveries, but it becomes a central focus when moving anything in the medical field. At PCS, all of our drivers are trained on confidentiality and understand the importance of keeping proprietary information confidential. In addition to Integrity, confidentiality is of the utmost importance at PCS, and something you should keep in mind when choosing a medical courier.


3)    Safety

Safety should always be top of mind when considering what courier company to use for your medical practice. At PCS, we rank safety across three categories: Driving, Handling of Products, and our Fleet.

At PCS, we take great pride in the fact that all of our drivers are employed by Professional Courier Services. This is not as common as you might think. Many courier services have been migrating towards 1099 contractor-type courier services in which open your delivery up to significant liability. At PCS, our drivers are employed by and undergo a rigorous driver history check before they are hired. We do this for the safety of our customer’s products and to ensure the best delivery possible for all parties.


Our second area of focus under the category of safety is Handling of Products. At PCS, our drivers are trained on how to property load, secure, and unload products from our delivery vehicles. This is important to keep in mind, because how your delivery is handled during transport is crucial. Our drivers are properly equipped with tie-downs, carts, and knows how to safety unload and load your products for optimum safety.

Last, another area of focus in our safety category is our fleet. All of our drivers are equipped with delivery vehicles that are CVED (Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division) certified with Michigan State Police. This is a very important certification to have and it provides for-hire motor carriers the authority to transport products and goods for commercial purposes. In addition, all of our vehicles are under 8 years old and maintained and washed weekly to ensure flawless mechanical operation for a successful delivery.


4)    Speed

In addition to the qualities above, speed is significant when it comes to ensuring success in a delivery. For medical providers, sometimes equipment is needed urgently for a life-saving operation. Using a courier that recognizes this fundamental and has technology to optimize the best route to transport your equipment or specimen is imperative to the outcome of the service. At PCS, like the qualities above, Speed is factored into everything we do to ensure a successful and value-driven delivery.


5)    Convenience

Determining how easy is it to schedule a delivery is something to keep in mind when creating a partnership with a courier service. At PCS, it’s as easy as emailing our dispatch team or picking up the phone and calling us. Calling a national broker can present many challenges including working with a new person every time you call, and in addition to this, many national brokerages with several other entities which may cause a delay in scheduling your delivery. At PCS, you’ll develop a relationship with us which caters a convenient and quick way to schedule your delivery. Above all, we work as an extension of your operations working with you to ensure a seamless and efficient way to schedule your delivery, every day of the week.

To get in touch with us and learn more about our West Michigan Medical Courier Network, reach out to us today at dispatch@pcscourier.com or call our offices at 616-451-4445


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