Why Choosing A Courier Is The Smart Choice

Why Choosing A Courier Is The Smart Choice

There are many reasons to choose a courier service over any other delivery option. Everyone wants efficient, reliable and friendly service. We’ve come to expect it while visiting a restaurant or shopping in a store. Why wouldn’t you want the same for your deliveries?




PCS prides itself on being the best in the business. The only way to do this is by providing the best service possible and part of that service involves efficiency. We work with our customers to ensure that their deliveries get to where they need to be within their timeframe. It takes careful planning on the part of the dispatchers. There are a few different ways you are able to contact our office to set up a delivery. We are always available via phone (616) 451-4445 and email dispatch@pcscourier.com. Our dispatchers will confirm all of the details to make sure the job is done right. If you google Professional Courier Services it says that we are open 24 hours a day. You will always get a live person when calling our number




A person’s word is their honor, right? When someone says they are going to do something, we expect them to. You can rely on PCS to be dependable with your requests. Can you imagine sending a package out that doesn’t get to the correct destination or get there on time? Of course you could because it probably has happened to you. There shouldn’t be a thought in your mind that it won’t get done. You have other things to think about. 


We are about building relationships at PCS so you get the personal touch with your important requests. Shop local, eat local, use a delivery service that is local. There is something to be said about using local businesses even if it means driving throughout Michigan or across state lines. You just know you will have a more dependable and accommodating experience, some might even say “that small town feel”.




Along with efficiency and dependability, PCS is a convenient choice when  it comes to your requests. After all, we have been in business for 40 years and continue growing. We are located in Grand Rapids, but have the ability to travel throughout the state of Michigan and beyond. Several of our couriers have routes they drive everyday and often we may be closer than you think. That can also be beneficial on the pocket book. Do you have a larger delivery that needs to be delivered?  We have several different size vehicles to accommodate your needs. 

In our ever changing world, you can bet that PCS is staying up to date on the latest technology, terminology, and demands. Being available 24 hours a day has proven to be extremely beneficial for our customers. Some of them are from different parts of the world. Give us a call or email today, any time of day for that matter.

To get in touch with us and learn more about our West Michigan Medical Courier Network, reach out to us today at dispatch@pcscourier.com or call our offices at 616-451-4445


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