How Does PCS provide Custom Packaging and Shipping Services in Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan

PCS - Your Leading Custom Packaging and Professional Courier Service in Grand Rapids, Michigan

PCS (Professional Courier Services) is an industry-leading, dependable Last-Mile delivery company located in Lyon Street, Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan. Besides providing last mile, same-day, and expedited services, PCS is the one-stop-shop of professional courier and custom packaging services for a wide range of industries in downtown Grand Rapids and its premises. PCS is a go-to packaging and delivery solution for all industries, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers who need to deliver their goods on time and at an affordable cost.

If you’re looking for a “full-service” courier company that has the expertise, experience, equipment, and talented staff to get your goods professionally packaged and delivered within the deadline, you can count on Professional Courier Services without any hesitation. No matter the size, dimensions, and weight of your items, PCS courier has a guaranteed capacity for you even at a moment’s notice.

Full Assistance in Freight Packaging and Shipping

When you contact PCS with your shipping needs, a knowledgeable representative assists you in figuring out the most feasible, affordable, and efficient way to package and deliver your goods to the delivery destination. PCS’s assistance also includes cost estimation for professional packaging and delivery of your freight.

Professional Custom Packaging Service

Your items must be packaged professionally to be delivered safely, and PCS is here to ensure it. Whether your goods are fragile that require special packing or oversized that need to be packaged in large boxes, PCS provides custom packaging services to ensure your goods remain safe during transit. PCS is specialized in custom packaging of artwork, antiques, furniture, medical equipment, and machinery parts. With decades of experience in custom packaging, our packaging specialists employ the latest techniques and materials depending on the fragility of the goods, customer specifications, and the shipping environment.


Professional Delivery Services

PCS provides top-notch, dependable, and professional shipping services for law firms, courthouses, banks, manufacturing facilities, schools, aviation, control manufacturing facilities, furniture manufacturers, medical labs, and hospitals in Grand Rapids and all across West Michigan. Once your goods are packaged professionally, PCS delivers them to the destination using the required equipment. If you have a time-sensitive shipment that needs to be delivered as soon as possible, you can trust PCS’s unparalleled last-mile/same-day/expedited shipping services. Whether you want to deliver a delicate chandelier, an ornamental mirror, or a heavy/large object, PCS offers the expertise to ensure your items are packed professionally and delivered safely in a timely fashion.


B2B (Business-to-Business) shipping services

PCS can pack and deliver all types of LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) items to B2B shipping needs. Thanks to our On-Demand delivery services, we secure a unique record of 99.99% on-time packaging and deliveries.


What sets PCS apart from Other Packaging and Shipping Service Providers in Grand Rapids, Michigan?

  • Custom Packaging and Shipping
  • Steadfast Protection of Goods during packing and transit
  • Safety
  • Flexibility
  • Affordable Services
  • All modes of expedited shipping (Last Mile or Same-Day)


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