Dedicated Routes

Daily and Weekly Routes for West Michigan

Routed services are designed for West Michigan clients who need small packages delivered to other businesses on a prearranged daily schedule. You may schedule as many errand pick up times as you would like. Our couriers will obtain signatures, file court papers, return time stamped copies, register deeds, and take that extra time and care that makes us more than just a delivery service. These services are contracted on a monthly basis.

Don’t worry about planning and scheduling picking up interoffice mail or customer legal and bank runs.

Due to the dedicated services we offer to many customers in the area, we are able to provide reliable, affordable and timely service that is flexible for your company's needs. This dedicated time-slot allows you to get any local deliveries done without worrying about scheduling and planning around inconsistent delivery and pick-up times.

Types of Route Service

  • 1

    Mail Pick-Up & Delivery

  • 2

    Banking Services

  • 3

    Interoffice Mail Runs

  • 4

    Medical Lab Runs

  • 5

    Downtown Legal Mail Services

Some Industries We Serve

Real Estate & Title Offices

Transferring title work and escrow deposits is not only a time-sensitive function of the real estate industry, but it requires accuracy and consistency. PCS can provide you with a customized dedicated route to ensure your documents are processed timely.

Payroll Processing
Attorney & Court Service
Interoffice and Postal Mail Service
Banking & Deposit Services

Here to Help Your Business Work More Efficiently

Stop worrying about any shipping problems. Focus on your business. Let us provide the support you deserve.