Printing, Packaging
and Shipping

We are more than just a courier company. We are Grand Rapids’ downtown premier Pack, Ship and Printing location.

In the beginning of 2023, our location at 124 Lyon St NW will undergo a transformation into a retail Pack & Ship location. We have always helped provide mailbox, printing and packaging solutions on a small scale but we are aiming to provide the Downtown market with a retail Pack and Ship solution. Our location will provide everything you need to package up returns, print and buy a label for shipment, or print and file services to the court.

Our New Service Offering :

  • 1

    Mailbox Service

  • 2

    Box, Tape and Packaging Supplies

  • 3

    Custom Packaging and Shipping

  • 4

    Purchase Shipping Labels

  • 5

    Printing and Court Filings

Stop worrying about any shipping problems. Focus on your business. Let us provide the support you deserve.

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