Same-Day Delivery

We provide same-day delivery services to all across Michigan.

Professional Courier Services provides on-demand, same-day delivery services for a wide-range of industries, transporting a variety of commodities and goods. We pick up and deliver to and from homes, office buildings, medical buildings/complexes, factories, machine shops, airports, storage facilities, post offices, UPS & FedEx hubs.

Our team of dedicated professional drivers have years of experience delivering highly sensitive, confidential and time-constrained products. Our team goes through several training programs ranging from security assessments, safety procedures and proper communication to ensure reliable and timely delivery. To schedule set-up an account or schedule a delivery, you can call our main phone number, email or click the link below and a representative will return your inquiry immediately.

Ship your cargo with the confidence that comes from using an integrated carrier with over forty years of professional delivery experience.

We offer a range of different courier services and are experienced in handling your customized delivery needs to ensure customer and vendor satisfaction. Our pricing depends on speed of service, distance of pick-up and drop-off and the window that the delivery has to arrive.

Our On-Demand Service

  • 1

    TODAY: Ready by Noon with delivery by 5:00

  • 2

    PRIORITY: 2-3 hour service

  • 3

    ASAP: 1-2 hour service

  • 4

    STAT: Immediate service

Some Industries We Serve

Graphics, Printing & Signage Comp

Marketing and printing companies utilize our same-day service to ensure quality and no-damage delivery to their clients, to differentiate in their market. Oftentimes printing and marketing companies perform rush-orders and our couriers are available to handle all rush-delivery orders.

Labs & Specimens
Legal Court Filings
eCommerce & Retail
Less Than Truckload (LTL)
Machine & Auto Parts
Live Animal

Here to Help Your Business Need

Stop worrying about any shipping problems. Focus on your business. Let us provide the support you deserve.